February has started with a bang!

“Don’t have dreams, have objectives” Pacifique Niyonsenga

I am beaming with joy and pride for this post because my dreams are slowly shaping up. As I often say, when I started this blog I never imagined it will take me to the length of becoming a writer for a magazine.
Let’s backtrack a little bit. When starting my blog the dream was to talk about fashion through my personal style and at the same time promoting Africa. I’m very passionate about showcasing Africa in ways other than that of often portrayed: war, diseases, dictatorships, corruption, etc. I come from a country ravaged at its eastern side by war so I reckon that those scourges exist in our continent but the sad thing is our continent gets talked about by the western medias for those problems more than those who try to better their lives and that of their communities, those who innovate and create employment for others, etc.
My heartfelt cry is that one day this continent is seen as the beauty that it is and that its children are not looked at as object of pity but capable men and women who rose up to mark positively their continent and the world in general. And if my blog can help even in a small, little way I’ll do it with great joy.
Now we forward to this present day to the article I wrote for Afrikan Mbiu. My first article started with the fashion issue but the magazine is not only all about fashion. Each issue has a theme. In my article I offered the readers an insight to the well-known ideology of the sapeurs. Yes it is known worldwide (the Guinness Ad can back my claim) and if you, yes YOU, didn’t know it yet well, this is your opportunity to get acquainted.
Show love and support by buying a copy of the latest issue and read my article. You have no excuse to not do so because a copy will only cost you KShs 100 or $ 1.09 to dive in the delectable articles that yours truly will write thinking of you specifically – I know you’re thinking yeah right! But the magazine is to put together to please its readers and give them a good entertainment through its pages.



My article for Afrikan Mbiu. If you’re interested to read get yourself a copy.


Check the writers section

Check the writers section

Until the next issue, God bless and wait to be mesmerized by my next article.

Edited and published by Nora


Disclaimer: The pictures in this post are the special properties of Afrikan Mbiu.