Afrikan Mbiu

When I started blogging I never ever thought that there’ll be people interested to read me (except for my loved ones – since they don’t have any other choice than to show support) let alone companies, magazines that’ll want to partner with me. So when I received an email from the editor-in-chief of Afrikan Mbiu, Julliane Obonyo, I was puzzled, intrigued and most of all honored that someone out there considered me worthy of contributing, in a little way, to the advancement of their magazine and of Africa.

The first questions I asked myself after reading the email were: +254, where in Africa is this? Mbiu?  What does that mean? And of course I browsed the net to get all the answers (blessed be the persons who invented the internet).

Afrikan Mbiu (click the link) is an online lifestyle magazine based in Kenya (+254 being the area code) instilling the world to take a break, sit and by the click of a button discover the African taste through the eyes of Africans. Mbiu, as I learnt, is a Swahili word for “horn” as in African traditional societies a horn blown was a call for people to regroup in one place to receive an announcement. Afrikan Mbiu (yes, the idea is for you to click the link) creates a platform for people all over the world to stop by and discuss the beauties Africa has to offer. The modern African has a sense of pride of his continent and strives to let the world know that Africa is not only poverty, wars, Ebola, etc but also the beautiful landscapes, the intricacies of the African prints, the folklores, dances and songs, the laughter through trials, the strength of the African woman who usually finds herself being the sole breadwinner of her family, etc. Africa is indeed a beautiful continent full of cultural wealth, Africa is a rough diamond ready to shine in the hands of her children.


Let me use my blog (my mbiu) to sound the “call of duty” to come and visit and follow Afrikan Mbiu every time an article is published.  Take advantage of the first two free issues (the magazine needs your valuable feedback) that are downloadable at their website (because I sooo want you to clink the link) to get acquainted with it and share the news with practically everyone (yes, yes, everyone… blow your mbiu).

These are the pictures of some of their articles that you can find in their website ranging from fashion, episode series of short stories, soul food, etc.

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Until next time, let my Jesus blesshu all and hit the comments button to let me know what you think of this post.

Published and edited by Nora of Stylish Affairs

Photo courtesy of Afrikan Mbiu