The Eyola brand

An appetite for creativity, craftsmanship, innovation, making an art form of sculpting fabric onto the female form, the continuous reinvention and rediscovery of the archetypal Victorian woman ~ The house of Eyola

What I like most about being a fashion blogger is the learning and discovery process of fashion brands, their history, and the drive behind the brand. What makes a person decide to become a fashion designer, what inspired her or what is the vision she tries to portray through the clothes and her fashion company as a whole?
When you find answers to these questions you understand better what the brand is all about but you realise as well that every venture has a story to tell and that story, if it touches you, becomes one with you.
Sit tight, relax, breathe and count to six. Why up to six? Did you count? You didn’t have to, it was meant to be a joke.
When I saw the Femme de Rose collection of blazers, the first thought was masculine cut for the feminine form. Then, equestrian came to mind. You can’t help but notice how chic and modern the blazers look yet with a touch of tradition. Do I make sense? It did make sense to me when I read that the epitome of the Eyola fashion house is the Victorian era.



A friend of my sister-in-law who lives in Paris said Paris is for the trends in fashion and London, where she shops, is for Royalty! I disagreed but I have to admit in the case of the Eyola blazers the craftsmanship is definitely fit for royalty and the nobility in us.

In case you haven’t understood just yet Eyola is fashion brand created by Eyola in 2008 after she obtained her Masters degree at the prestigious Instituto Europeo Di Design in Italy.

Eyola is subdivided into three labels which are Eyola (for cocktail dresses to modern alternatives to wedding attires), SMA focuses on menswear and named after her father Senator Musa Adede, and Femme de Rose – which is actually a Victorian era rose breed named by Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Guillot – is an online boutique for the art of English tailoring of blazers. With Femme de Rose you can design your very own blazer to your own style and get it shipped worldwide or you can just choose to buy one the already well designed blazers through their collection.

Eyola also has a showroom in Lagos, Nigeria with visiting hours on Fridays from 1pm to 4pm.
The quality of ever piece is impressive and each creation by Eyola is transeasonal and either one of a kind or limited edition to a maximum of eight per style. Talk about exclusivity! With Eyola you really get what you paid for meaning handcrafted luxurious garments made to last for a very long time and intended to be timeless.
Without further ado have a look for yourself and form your own opinion of this brand.






Note: Thanks to Pedro for sending me the images of some creations. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated which simply means that all pictures are courtesy of Eyola fashion house.


The only problem is with the website: you can only use a laptotp or a computer to access it fully. It was a bit of a drawback since I like using my tablet. In the email I received from Pedro I., the showroom manager, I was assured that in a month or so the website will be upgraded. I’m looking forward to it. Meanwhile please be bold and dare to discover, like me, the Eyola brand (their blazers are already my favorites in case you didn’t get a hint while reading this post).


Published and edited by Nora of Stylish Affairs