At the post office

The boxes are on my way to church so it is just appropriate for me to feature them in the blog (and I felt that I ran out of imagination as of how to show the pics since there’s not much to see around the church. Or it is just a case of me not having yet that professional look of an art/directory photographer).
Well, by now most of the followers of my blog know that I’m a denim junkie and more precisely jeans. I spend days and days in them and there isn’t any shopping adventure when I don’t see at least one pair of jeans that I like.
So this post shouldn’t be a surprise. There are days when you want to feel comfortable, wear your jeans, wedges (for the purpose of this post) to make the look a little stylish because you are going to church, and a light top because Sundays are usually sunny. And there you have it an entire outfit post; it’s that easy (I’m trying to make it sound easy as if I’m a pro. Anyway it’s my blog so I’m the pro of my own style hahahahaha).
My jeans are supposed to be a loose fit – they just have an air of well behaved distressed jeans. I love this tone of blue – since it is a boyfriend cut but I wanted these to be skinny so I bought a smaller size. I hope it doesn’t show and for once I really didn’t have to use any tactics to beg my photographer (hehe, I was blessed indeed) as my little genie obliged willingly with patience and smiles in his face. No offence to my other photographers, I love you too (I have to say this otherwise if they read this post I may get into trouble. So, I love you guys A LOT).

StylishAffairs 25_1 StylishAffairs 25_3

StylishAffairs 25_2

StylishAffairs 25_4

StylishAffairs 25_5

Until next time, be blessed guys and cheers to an amazing month of March!

Published and edited by Nora.

Photos by Hans – thank you.
top: Network, jeans: Premium, shoes: Rage, bag: Jam, accessories: Muse, watch: street vendor, belt: Foschini

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