Taibo Bacar

However, as it is written: ‘no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him’… 1Corinthians 2:9

The name says it all. If you’ve ever been interested in african fashion to the point of being invited (and going) the various fashion week shows and you do not recognise this brand then I’m sorry to say you know nothing about the African fashion industry. Then again most of us are never invited in those fashion shows (i only buy clothes, i dont really care about the brand except when it becomes pricey and i start questioning why it should be expensive if the brand is not well known) and African designers are not yet a household name in the world not even in Africa, sadly. One thing I noticed though since I’ve become a fashion blogger is how professional the african fashion industry has become and this comparing to the 80s or 90s and those designers are really puting their names out there.

The problem Africans and African industries face is the fact that Africans don’t like to consume the made in Africa for many reasons but mostly because Africans do not believe that what is made in Africa is as good as the made in Brazil for example which is also true in some instances. To cut cost many companies manufacture their goods to be as cheap as possible to suit the average African pocket (that is not very deep let’s face it) sacrificing quality in the process. But the problem for me was and still is  the design. It seems like beautiful designs of products are just a BIG no-no in our continent as if there’s a forbidden rule in Africa to innovate when product design is concerned.

After my ramblings about my continent let me say proudly that Taibo Bacar clothes are not in the range of what I’ve just criticised above (he and I will be friends one day so I better not start in the wrong foot). For all those who really know haute couture, fashion and have let’s call it fashionable taste then they’ll instantly warm up to this brand. I don’t need to brag about it the following images will show the amazing talent that Taibo Bacar has. I fell in love with this brand (and I can swear that it doesn’t happen to me too often so much so that I’m not sure if I should boldly call it love). He is just the kind of people who make feel proud to be Africans knowing that when this brand is talked about you’ll smile first in your heart then it comes out to show the world that smile Africans have when their brothers and sisters perform well in the world.

Mademoiselle Bacar – FW 14/15

Mademoiselle Bacar is a chic, vibrant and timeless collection inspired by five generations all sharing a stunning style combined by simplicity and class: Evita Peron, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Diana and Sheikha Mozah ~ Taibo Bacar





African Garden – SS 14

 Our latest collection is an array of our beautiful continent inspired by African nature. The calming whites representing peace and harmony. The luscious green of our trees and breathtaking nature gives hope to our continent. The sunset filled with passion… and we end off with the dark mysterious night filled with the glitzy stars ~ Taibo Bacar








Fit for a princess – FW 13/14

Inspired in Rome, made for a urban Princess, this collection is not only about Africa, its from Africa to the World. Full of identity, ”Fit for a Princess” is just the beginning for African Fashion ~ Taibo Bacar



They’re so many right? I was literally swept away by them that I had to share with y’all. Which ones are your favorites?


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