Last post of 2014

Dear readers,
It is with much happiness that I write this last post of 2014. As the year is about to end in a few hours (and has already ended in other parts of the world), I would like to take this moment to thank you all for making my blogging year a very memorable one. This journey that only started in May has brought so much joy while writing and editing posts and YOU, who took the time to read my sometimes boring lines, have made it all worth it. It was an honour to review the baseball hats of and an even greater blessing to become one of the writers of the magazine Afrikan Mbiu in which my first article will be published this coming January so make sure to read it wherever you are and show your support – I submitted an article that’s worth reading and will make you discover one facet of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) in case you didn’t know it already.
I wish all the blessings from above for you and your loved ones. I pray that my Jesus showers you with His love, protection, forgiveness, and blessings throughout 2015 so no matter what happens you’ll feel His presence even when everything goes awry.
Let 2015 be the year of greater, bigger accomplishments and the defeat of our past failures once and for all. I wish you all a very Merry New Year! Cheers.


P.S: A special thanks to Reddy, Tsiping and Helen B. for their unconditional love and support of my blog.