It was one of those days when, as soon as you woke up, you felt like going back to bed. Why? Well, simply because you were too tired to do anything else but sleep.
I had a long day the day before, walking around Johannesburg CBD to make purchases for a boutique, running a little bit of flu, and I slept at around 4am as the cold kept on disturbing me – I’m happy that the pictures don’t show my puffy eyes. When I finally won the battle against the cold, at around 7 or 8 someone came to wake me up to ask a question that could’ve waited later – but no he just had to ask that question then… If only he knew how tired I was and unwilling to talk at that moment.
It seemed like an another stressing day ahead but actually it was a bliss. After church, I managed to smile for my pictures, went back to Nina’s place to hit the pillows right after brunch. And I can tell you that I slept till 8pm. I don’t remember what I dreamt about but I remember feeling well rested and happy when I woke up; all the troubles about my health forgotten. Which reminds me of emphasizing the importance of taking care of one’s health and since we’re approaching the year end festivities please don’t drink and drive, and do not overdo it on the food – I know I won’t follow the last one myself but it doesn’t mean that I can’t ask my readers to follow my advice. But I promise to try though *wink*

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Until next time, be blessed and safe.

Published and edited by Nora of Stylish Affairs
Photos by Nina and moi

Blazer: Easy Wag, Dress: Truworths, Watch: Calvin Klein, Sandals: Fannie loves Angelo, Bag: Jam, Earrings: Mr Price, Flower neckpiece: Pretty Woman at Checkers


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