Will you wear them naked?

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Hi dearies,

Last month was my birthday and I posted the only post of that month. On that day I received a nice gift which is very trendy these days: the mini bag. Mine is in nude color and the beauty of those bags is the fact that they can be cross-body – in my books a small bag should always be cross-body.  If there is one accessory that can hardly resist buying, bags are definitely the ones. My husband sometimes had dragged me out of shops so I won’t be tempted to purchase a new bag. I can resist shoes, clothes, make up (which I usually don’t wear so I really can’t lose my sleep) but as soon as I see beautiful bag my heart jumps from joy (my grandmother had a thing with scarves) and if my budget can’t allow me to buy, I spend time thinking of that great purse that I could’ve purchased. I know it sounds crazy but a girl has to have a hobby * wink. For me it goes in this order: bags, shoes, perfumes, clothes, hats, jewelries, and cosmetics (I sometimes think can live without the cosmetic products).  My husband asks me after buying bags and shoes: “ Will you wear them naked? Because you spend your money buying mostly only them!” Men just don’t understand a woman’s mind and this something that my husband can spend his lifetime trying to figure out while I enjoy myself (I’m smiling by the thought of it).

Stylish Affairs 16_1

The beads on the chain and bracelet are actually nutshells bought at the African market (very clever hein?).

Stylish Affairs 16_2 Stylish Affairs 16_3

I leave you with a picture that left me speechless; my cousin sent it to me today through Whatsapp (so I dunno who is the author what is masterpiece). All I could voice out was wow. Does it look like an angel? A bird maybe? Let me know.


Until next time, remain blessed and under His arms find your protection. Cheers.

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