2014 Kinshasa Fashion Week

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Hi y’all, I must apologize for being rare nowadays but I don’t have as many pictures of me to post as I would like to. So I decided that today post will be all about fashion in my beloved country by posting some of the intricate designs showcased at Kinshasa Fashion Week. KFW started only last year and it’s getting the buzz since the fashion industry is burgeoning. I couldn’t post all the designs of all the designers which doesn’t mean that those that are not in this post are not beautiful. So in case the designers bump into this post, please don’t take offence if you don’t see your designs. The purpose of this blog is to promote Africa, its people, its beautiful landscapes, and since the blog is a fashion blog African designers are a must!

Kinshasa fashion Week_1_Okapi de la Mode

Kinshasa fashion Week_2_Eloi Sessou

Every girl can see herself in one these beautiful wedding gowns from Yemi Osunko and dream of their weddings (or have a repeat of their wedding party; a good reason to buy a new dress).

Kinshasa fashion Week_3_Yemi Osunko

And what is there not to like about the following collection from Cocci Bilele? Their ranges of evening wears are A-MA-ZING (or let me find another word to describe this stunning collection).

Kinshasa fashion Week_4_Cocci Bilele

So this is it for putting some of the talented names of the African fashion industry out there so all the international celebrities can wear their collections for their next red carpet event. Until next time, God bless.


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Disclaimer: Photos courtesy of Kinshasa Fashion Week