What makes a woman look good?

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“So what makes a woman look good…The ability to wear something with poise.” Roger Thyvane Ouk

Poise, hein? At least that’s how I felt with my outfit during an outing – more like a Nollywood actress let’s say Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde or Genevieve Nnaji – and I’m realizing how elegant a woman looks on high heels (forced poise) although I still don’t understand why women torture themselves with them or why shoemakers keep on making them oh yes because there are many women in the world who make the heels seem effortless. I remember when I was a kid my mum used to wear those thin high heels with me wondering if she wouldn’t fall or if her feet didn’t hurt. I guess that’s when my I started to fear the heels. I hope I won’t scare my future daughter for life after all I’m taking those pictures for my posterity so they’ll say that great grandma was stylish.

My turquoise blazer, Crêpe pants and clutch (a true bargain if you ask me) were the reason of this sudden poise or I just like posing these days – and thinking that I’m a great model.

I’ve been trying my hands on photography editing since I’ve started blogging and some of pictures don’t look as good as I’d like them to but hey, it costs nothing to try.

StylishAffairs_10_1 StylishAffairs_10_2 StylishAffairs_10_3 StylishAffairs_10_4 StylishAffairs_10_5 StylishAffairs_10_6

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Photos taken by Nina

Posted by Nora of Stylish Affairs

Blazer: Banana Republic (so I was told), Pants: Ronni Nicole by Ouida, Blouse: Insync, Clutch: Jam, Earings: Fashion World, Heels: Lavanda, Turquoise sandals: Mr Price

Banana Republic, Fashion World, Insync, Jam, Lavanda, Mr Price, Ronni Nicole


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