The road to silk

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“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” Oscar de la Renta

Whereas some of my friends feel that the black and white movies are for old people and are boring, I celebrate them as being the time when Hollywood made movies right. That era is one when nudity was left a side to the viewer’s imagination. Instead the script, the storytelling, the actors all revealed the grandeur of the people who worked hard to make Hollywood the big name that it is today (my own opinion that engages me alone). I referred to the road to silk because as you know silk is an ancient fabric from the East of Asia. I thought silk will blend well with the black and white photography. I recently found a shop where I set my eyes to the beautiful dress I’m wearing in this post. There were only two left which meant I had to buy it. And because I love beautiful cars, let me finish with the real beauty…wait for it…a Pontiac! In my last post I took a picture of a Ferrari but the Pontiac must be the winner. I don’t only love the design of the car but, as an engineer (to be), I like the machinery behind the beauty. At a time when cars are manufactured to be more and more intelligent, you’ve got to appreciate a car that was made with less technicalities yet has the ability to last this long and remain the object of people’s dreams. That says a lot about old. Old isn’t what youngsters call boring but it is knowledge, mastering and often quality. How can I resist taking a picture in front of it? In fact I have other pictures but every time I see her my heart is overjoyed. So this is certainly not the last post with her. A proper post and the story of the Pontiac will be told one day (by the way, she’s not mine). Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart Cam Created with Nokia Smart Cam StylishAffairs-Silk4

I hope this August will be a happy one for you. It’ll be for me cause many people I love and cherish are August born babies.

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Photos taken by Doris with her Nokia smartphone

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Dress: IDress, Bag: Lin’s, Scarf:Street vendor

IDress, Lin’s

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