Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton – Part I

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Posted by Nora of Stylish Affairs

There’s a saying in Gabon that goes like this: “If you don’t take a picture in front of the Mandela statue, it simply means you were not in Johannesburg; it’s like you were in Paris and didn’t take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower”. So most Gabonese who visit Johannesburg make it a point to take a picture at Nelson Mandela Square. Doris did the same and I joyfully accompanied her.

During the 2010 World Cup that was held in South Africa, Sandton was bombarded by tourists and supporters who gathered every day to watch the matches. For those who heard about Sandton but never visited and for those who are planning a trip to South Africa, these pictures were taken to give a little taste to entice you to come spend some your time and money in Sandton (yes, you; the South African tourism industry needs you) or many other beautiful places and restaurants in the city of Gold.

StylishAffairs24StylishAffairs25StylishAffairs34StylishAffairs26 StylishAffairs27 StylishAffairs28 StylishAffairs29StylishAffairs30StylishAffairs31 StylishAffairs32I’ll post other pictures very soon. Come in South Africa for your next trip (postpone the trip to that other non-African country where you wanted to go. You’ll be forgiven only if you go to an African country before coming to South Africa cause Africa is THE place to experience the true “ joie de vivre”). At this time of the year it’s usually cold so don’t mind me and bring an overcoat (or the likes) just in case.


Photos taken by Doris and yours truly
Chiffon blouse and Floral denim pants: Lin’s, Gladiator sandals: Nosa, Straw bag: Janette Jez
Janette Jez, Lin’s, Nosa


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