African/Ankara prints

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Dear blogders (please, make the word a trend),

I was sitting in my lounge and thinking what will I wear for my (our) next post and then coming from nowhere the Eureka moment just showed itself to me. African prints! I must admit I was never ever a fan of those prints because every time I thought of them they reminded of the eighties (I swear I was small but I remember quite well how I hated the fashion sense of that time). Think of big shoulder pads (that my aunts were all bragging about), the punk hairdo that young men all loved their heads to look like, and the even bigger Mc Hammer pants (or in this case it was the beginning of the nineties?), etc. Well, I’m just happy that I reached my twenties in the 21st century and the fashion is way better. So let just say that used to think of African prints as being for old people (I bless God for them but fashion wise there’s a generation gap between us that can’t be crossed…Euh, I think my grandchildren will unfortunately say the same about me in the future) up until the African designers made them look stylish.

Where was I? Ok let’s go back to the subject matter: the African prints or as it is also known Ankara print (I only learnt it last year). My Eureka moment said this to me: if you want stylish for your (our) second post, why not post pictures of prints that are renowned all over the world as Africa? Isn’t right that when everyone sees the Ankara fabric they think of Africa? This second post gave me the excuse I was waiting for to buy my new Ankara skirt (I saw them all over Johannesburg CBD 2 months ago but always hesitated to buy).

I paired it with an elegant lace bustier, a tweed jacket (because it is winter here) and my snakeskin heels

The University of Johannesburg was the background of my “photo shoot”. The place is vast and beautiful, and has the caliber of great universities of this world (visit their web page to know more). I wish I had more time to explore and plan for my next visit to take more pictures.








What do think of my look? If you’ve got pictures of your marvelous African prints that you’d like to share please send them to our blog or email and we will be more than happy to post them. Dear blogders (make the word a trend please) enjoy and keep the comments coming (in English, French or Portuguese). Kisses.


Skirt: local shop, Bustier: King”s baby, Jacket: YSQD Basic, Peep-toes: Lavanda

Photos by Nina

University of Johannesburg, King’s baby, YSQD Basic, Lavanda

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