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Posted by Nora of Stylish Affairs

As the title suggests I tried my hands (for the 1st time) on online shopping. If you come from DRC like me then you should know how difficult it is to trust unknown individuals with your money especially that when I was growing up many parents lost their savings to the hands of the banks. That is why I never ever wanted to buy anything online (and because usually they ask for your bank details, which is a big no-no for me). Sometimes while surfing the net I see nice clothes, at cheap prices, from companies based in China, or electronic equipment in Japan, India, etc. but how can I trust people I can’t even put a face on, who are miles and miles away to handle my money and actually send me the items I ordered online? I guess I’m not the only person who has asked herself this question as far as online shopping is concerned.

With that dilemma in mind I clicked the Zando ad (because I’m bombarded by it most of the time) to see what they’ve got to offer. I went straight to the sales to find, to my surprise, very nice shoes of multiple price ranges. As I now want to have heels as part of my style (I have to admit although I don’t like them very much because I can’t comprehend how many women love wearing them whereas I feel like falling off my feet, they do make women look sexy), I wanted a look alike pair of heels that I saw with another lady blogger. I didn’t get what I was looking for but I like all the same the ones I bought and for the price I got them, it’s a steal! Zando has a free delivery policy when your purchase exceeds R250 (approx. $26) and it’s best to do so since the amount for delivery seems a bit much to pay for as compared to when you are within the free delivery range.

You first start by registering an account (it takes about 3 minutes at the most).

For it was an experiment, I didn’t want to spend over R250 but the heels I liked cost R179 (approx. $18) I had to cover the R71 difference by looking for something else. I added an equally beautiful bracelet from Utopia which cost R79 (approx. $8) for the total of R258 (approx. $26.8). The thing that motivated me to buy was when I saw the different payment methods. The one I chose is “pay@” which allows you to pay at, after your order is established and a reference number is attached to your order, any Checkers, Shoprite, Shoprite Usave, PicknPay or Spar. The day after I ordered I went to checkers to pay. At first the cashier asked what I was talking about (she didn’t know anything about Zando) but after she entered the reference number in her system then my name and the amount I ought to pay appeared (I was reassured that it was indeed the real thing).

The delivery takes 3-5 days depending on how far your area is. Well, they did not disappoint. I received my parcel on the fifth day. Except for the fact that the heels are a little bit higher than I thought and the kind of white powdery color in one of the heels (which can happen when you handle suede fabrics. I didn’t mind much; nothing that can’t be wiped) everything was normal. The heels are definitely new and the bracelet is exactly the way it looks in the website picture. I was afraid that the size wouldn’t fit because I wear sizes 7 or 8 (I guess it depends on the shops in my case) but they did. I took the pictures that you see in this post to show you how everything looked like before and after opening my parcel.


Another thing I really liked with Zando is their zooming effect. It makes you feel as if you are touching the product for real; it is just amazing.


My view? I wish I could’ve received the parcel on the 3rd day instead of the fifth because the actual fifth day was 16th June (Youth Day here in South Africa. Of course they don’t work on public holidays; even the customer service is on hold which is not so cool).

You receive what you paid for, exactly as ordered and their team remains in constant contact with you via email in case you need information on your order or can ring them.

I’ll definitely order again whenever possible.

I hope my (our) post was useful to those who are reticent just like I was before. I’ll recommend that you buy the same way I did for at least that method of payment doesn’t give anyone access to your bank details and spend as little as possible for the first time to see if they live to their promises. And no. I’ve not receive any payment from Zando for this review.

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable to shop for a product outside of the country I live in (for one, the price of shipping delivery is expensive for my liking) but it is always worth the try as long as I exercise caution so I don’t end up in trouble.



Have you experienced problems with online shopping? Or was it blissful? Share your experience with us in English, French or Portuguese. Until next time, God bless you all. Kisses.



Photos taken by moi
Heels: Mint, Bracelet: Utopia
Checkers, MintPicknPay, Shoprite, Shoprite Usave, Utopia, Zando


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