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In the spirit of celebrating the Netherlands beating Spain at the World Cup 2014 (I was sad in 2010 when they lost against Spain for the final match. So please give some time to rejoice again. This post is the result of that feeling. RVP’s goal must be the best of the tournament or at least one of the best. Thanks #Netherlands #RVP #GoNetherlands #WorldCup2014 #IwishIwasThere), I decided that the joy should continue by rewarding me with these new babies. When I went shopping I of course didn’t know that I’ll end up buying them but it happens a lot to women so it shouldn’t be a surprise to men I guess. Then my eyes saw them and it was love at first sight. I kept thinking if only I was rich to buy as many shoes as I like, the world will be a better place to live in. The funny thing is I only learnt of the brand last month whereas it has been there for a long time already.  People who know me know that I love shoes, bags, watches, and rings. Clothes are at the very bottom of my list when I shop. And the flatter the shoes are, the better because there’s no denying that they’re very comfortable when they’re flat (my Suiteblanco sandals are supa comfy. Yeah I’m bragging so what? Give a girl a break! Lol. One day I’ll be their African muse. Dreams come true).

All’s left is to find a new (or in my closet) outfit to rock my new babies. Ah…the joys of being a woman. Kisses.


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P.S.: I think I’ll go back to the shop to buy the other pink pair too. If the Netherlands win the final (it’ll be bad if they play against Spain in the final and loose just like in 2010. I can’t imagine how people will laugh at me. Well, will cross that bridge when we get there), that is.


Photos by yours truly

Sandals: Suiteblanco

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