Such an amazing day!

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Dear blogders (blog readers),

Well this is it! My (our) fashion blog.

This blog is still a work-in-progress and I’m happy that at least today I’m able to post my (our) very first pictures.

For anyone who clicked on “ABOUT US” and read the content you’ll know that I won’t be the only one posting pictures as we’re two cousins (and sometimes other cousins will join us too) who will mostly be featured in this blog.

I think I have a wild imagination and I like buying stuff to give them a second look. That extends to clothes and accessories; as long as i can change their looks (and i don’t care how the inside job looks like for the outside is what people will see. Please don’t judge me) and given they are within my budget I let my creative mind find a solution to transform an item.

My first blog start with a dress i bought back in February during a YDE sale at Cresta mall in Johannesburg (all the clothes and shoes were down to R100. That’s what I call SALES baby. What a paradise!). For those who know the shop they can tell you that the quality is good and in a normal day R100 can’t buy you a dress.

My sister-in-law’s place is at a walking distance from the mall so she thought that we can arrive there by 7.30 or 7.40 (since the shop was expected to open at 8.00) and wait for the opening. Too bad, we were sooo late. The queue was looooong!!!! (I’m behind the yellow braided head. And comment if you were there too).


By the time we were inside it was too late for us to get the beautiful ones. We just got some two or three and let not forget that they also had to be the right sizes. Fortunately we had two of my sister-in-law’s friends who were well positioned in the queue who managed to keep some clothes they did not want (their loss, haha) and handed them over to us (yeah, yeah. Happy faces). Out of the many dresses, I ended up buying six (I’ll eventually show you all of them with time and how I slightly changed their looks to make them suit my needs).

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So enjoy and keep the comments coming (in English, French or Portuguese). Cheers.

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YDE (CX) Dress, Moda Scapa Heels

Photos by my brother

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